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Microtransit + Fixed Route Builder

So, you have some bus routes in your community, and they’re pretty popular. They run super efficiently and help a lot of residents get to the grocery store, to the office, and to other points of interest across town. Nice work! But no city reaches every single resident with public transportation — and that’s a reality on-demand technology can help solve. Using the tool below, you can see what a basic network might look like if it maintained one popular train or bus route, and then added on-demand microtransit to the mix.

You choose:

Buses. How many fixed route buses are in your public transportation network? 

Bus walk. How many minutes do you expect people to reasonably walk to a bus station? Passengers who are further away than your maximum walking distance will take an on-demand shuttle instead.

Vans. How many on-demand vehicles are in your fleet? 

Demand. How many requests do you expect potential riders to make? Naturally, we want to be able to serve as many ride requests as possible.

…and we’ll show you:

Wait time. How long did passengers have to wait for a ride given the level of demand and number of vehicles in your fleet?

Rides served. How many people who requested a ride were given an option that they accepted, and then completed? 

Utilization (rides per vehicle hour). How efficient was your use of vehicles?

Still unclear about how the tool works, what you’re looking at, or what kind of public transportation network you’re building? Get the full story in our deep-dive.

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