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Large zones. High ridership. Low costs.

One of the most cost effective microtransit services in the nation — and also an essential part of the beachfront community.

breeze on demand smaller
reduction in cost-per-ride
shorter wait times after replacing fixed route
of riders don't have a personal vehicle

The bottom line.

330,000 rides a year — and growing. Three years in, Breeze OnDemand ridership continues to explode year over year. This service covers a sprawling 93 square miles and serves downtown business districts, beach areas, and residential neighborhoods, providing an essential connection to major transit hubs and creating a countywide mobility network.

Tell me more.

In redesigning their public transit network, Sarasota County Area Transit trimmed 15 underperforming bus routes, and used those savings to launch Breeze OnDemand. After 2.5 years of service, Sarasota County collaborated with neighboring Manatee County — previously host to a Dial-a-Ride service that needed to be booked in advance — to expand service and facilitate a unified transportation experience for residents of both areas. The County is seeing 28,000 rides a month across four service zones. 

I am unable to drive, so this allows me to maintain a job as I can now commute back and forth.

Breeze OnDemand rider

Sarasota County, Florida
Use case
General transportation, commuting, first- and last-mile