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Improve your paratransit service in just 15 minutes

Join Via’s partnership lead, Terence McPherson, as he showcases Via’s scalable, cloud-based paratransit software, shares real-world examples, and explores innovative applications like commingling and same-day trips.

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An overview.

Equitable access to transportation is a right, not a privilege. And in the United States, it’s the law. So why is it so difficult to find a software provider that makes it easy to run paratransit affordably, efficiently, and with the service quality riders deserve? 

 Poor paratransit performance and sky-high expenses can commonly be traced back to outdated solutions, which is why the most successful paratransit services are prioritizing modern software that creates benefits such as:

  • Improved on-time performance and shorter trip distances with superior routing technology.
  • Smarter aggregation, increasing passengers per vehicle hour and reducing cost-per-trip.
  • Enhanced efficiency through automation tools that make it easy to build error-free plans and manifests.
  • Self-serve online, in-app, and IVR tools for riders and caregivers that decrease customer service costs.

About the speaker.

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Terence McPherson

Global Commercial Growth & Strategy Lead, Via

Terence currently serves as our Global Commercial Growth & Strategy Lead. During his time at Via, he has acted as an advisor for our partners and built trusting relationships with mayors, city councilors, and transit CEOs across the southeast United States and beyond.