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Interviewing at Via.

At Via, we’re committed to building a diverse team that reflects the communities we serve, and we’re all about making every journey as smooth as possible. The hiring process is no exception — we customize the journey according to each role, to ensure that you get the clearest picture of what life at Via could be like. We put this handy guide together to make sure you feel supported along the way.


Your Via hiring journey.

We’re so excited to get to know each other better, which is why your Via hiring journey includes a few essential pit stops to ensure a mutual match. You’ll discover our vision for the future of mobility, and start to gel with Via’s best and brightest — at least six team members from different parts of the business with a mix of in-person and virtual interviews. You'll be able to take a peek at how you could fit in at Via for a win-win career.

First impressions.

We like to kick things off with a call between you and one of our team members, who will give you an overview of the role and lay out next steps in the process. This is your time to show us who you are, what you’ve been working on, and why you’re excited about the opportunity that lies ahead. Feel free to ask us any questions you have!

Deeper dive.

We believe that innovative solutions are born from close collaboration between passionate, friendly, and humble people. It’s no surprise, then, that this next step is typically a video interview with the hiring manager of the role. You’ll share more details about the projects you’ve tackled, what you’ve learned, and how you expect to use those skills in the future.

Stand out.

This is where it gets really fun. Here, you’ll chat with 3-5 team members over a series of longer interviews about Via’s growth, ambitious future and, most importantly, how this shared ride could be the right call for you. We also want to see your growing enthusiasm for Via and the role.

Where you’ve been.

If we think you’re a great fit for the role, we want to make sure your past teammates and managers agree. This stop’s focus is all about your relationship with your references, so we’ll reach out to the people who know you best and hear all of the great things they have to say about you. We will ask for two professional references — ideally two former direct supervisors.

The last stop!

Now that we both have a better understanding of each other, our hiring team will discuss your candidacy and the road ahead. If it’s a mutual YES, you can expect an offer to join the ride. Then we all celebrate.

Interview prep.

We know it can be daunting to feel like you need to become a company expert before an interview. Consider these links a solid starting point to understanding who we are and what we do:

About Via.

We are the world’s most powerful digital infrastructure for public transportation. Via’s software provides an end-to-end solution to plan, optimize, and operate efficient and equitable transit systems — unlocking opportunity for all, and building resilient cities for the future.