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Reimagining the bus: mobility’s unexpected next frontier

At the Bloomberg CityLab 2023 summit, Andrei Greenawalt, Via Head of Global Policy, joined as a featured speaker and gave his takeaway for expanding public transit through advanced technology.

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In the US it’s a critical issue to encourage people to use public transportation, said Andrei Greenwalt, Via’s Head of Global Policy. But the reality, he said, "in many places in the US is that the bus doesn't get you quickly, efficiently, and conveniently where you need to go." To help cities address these issues, Via has developed tech-enabled tools to enhance their mass networks and expand access to public transportation—especially for underserved communities. Greenawalt is focused on the high stakes of this kind of access: “If we want to advance economic mobility in this country and reduce the number of unnecessary deaths that happen on our roads, we have to move more trips from the private car to public transit, and that includes the bus.” Watch the full video and hear his quick takes on how communities of all sizes can leverage TransitTech to create a more accessible future.