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A midwestern city finds a solution for driver shortages and low-income mobility.

St Louis Metro expands microtransit to adapt to changing network needs.

rides completed since 2020 launch
of riders depend on the service to access essential services and schools
of riders connect to other transit

The bottom line.

Now that affordable transit is available to residents across parts of St. Louis County, at least half of Via Metro STL riders use the service to get to critical destinations like medical appointments and schools. Before the microtransit service launched, persistent driver shortages and limited fixed-route bus coverage greatly strained mobility for many transit-dependent St. Louisans.

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Metro and Via introduced on-demand public transit service Via Metro STL in June 2020, and it hit 1.3k rides within a month. Operating in three separate zones at $2/ride, the service runs on a flexible schedule based on when and where riders book a trip. A key product feature: Via’s software integrates with Metro’s Transit app, making it even easier for riders to get to essential services and connect to the greater St. Louis area. First-last mile trips have been very popular, with half of the riders using the service to connect to other transit options. 

There aren’t buses where I live, so I would have to walk 6 miles to get to work 20 miles away. It saves me a lot of walking. I don’t think I would keep my job without it.

Via Metro STL rider



St Louis, Missouri
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