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The future of transport is here: how Worcestershire combines DRT, Planning, and MaaS

Watch Via’s Sam Griffiths and Matt Stone from Worcestershire Country Council to learn about the power of combining Via, Remix, and Citymapper to plan and operate truly integrated transport networks.

Via Transportation •

An overview.

A fully-integrated, end-to-end transport solution is here! With Via, you can help all members of your community get where they need to go in the most efficient, affordable, and accessible way.

Using Remix, Via’s planning tool, Worcestershire County Council teams can visualise all types of demographic data and draw bus routes where they are needed most. Remix is a highly collaborative tool, enabling WCC planners to work together to easily adjust fixed-line bus planning in response to population shifts, changes in policy, and many other factors. By adding Citymapper for Cities into the mix, WCC is taking advantage of the world’s leading MaaS app to help passengers make informed travel decisions. This co-branded, award-winning app also means WCC can communicate service disruptions and track travel patterns in real time. Learn how the full Via TransportTech offering is reimagining transport in Worcestershire and communities around the world.

About the speakers. 

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Sam Griffiths
Head of UK & Nordics, Via

As Head of the UK & Nordics at Via, Sam is focused on developing practical, innovative transportation solutions that cater to the needs of communities throughout the UK and Northern Europe. Before joining the Via team, Sam was the Head of Product at Zipcar International, contributing to the development of "Zipcar Flex" among other projects.

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Matt Stone
Transport Systems and Technology Manager, Worcestershire County Council

Matt Stone is the Head of Transport Technology at Worcestershire County Council, located in the West Midlands of England. In his role, he's responsible for all forms of passenger transport - whether it be the local bus, adult social care, or any other community transport schemes.