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Integrated planning & scheduling software helps agency stay nimble

Mountain Line Transit Authority used Remix software to complete and operationalize a COA in just 6 months.

# of fixed routes
Customer disruptions
Reduction in time spent on planning & scheduling

The bottom line.

The Mountain Line Transit Authority (MLTA) used Remix Planning and Scheduling software to execute and operationalize a full Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) on an accelerated timeline. When the City received a beautification grant that required the MLTA to realign routes to a new main terminal (and communicate changes to the public) in under six months, they needed tools that enabled quick collaboration and iteration. 

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A key Remix feature for MLTA was the ability to compare multiple runcut options and pick the optimal combination of efficiency and desirability for operators. The team also used Remix’s built-in Presentation Studio and public commenting features to communicate and solicit feedback on the proposed changes. In the end,  MLTA moved to the new facility on time with zero disruptions for staff, operators, or riders.


"The Remix tool has been invaluable to us… It really is an investment in the future…This product secures better job satisfaction for our employees and takes us to a different level of transit planning."

David Bruffy — Former Chief Executive Officer, Mountain Line Transit Authority


Morgantown, WV
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