In just 10 minutes, you’ll learn how to build a microtransit network. Watch our tutorial here.
Thought leadership

Is on-demand public transit now mainstream in the US?

  •   3 min read
With more than 100 services across nearly 40 US states, on-demand transit has become a core part of how communities move.

Rider Profile: Meet Vincent.

  •   2 min read
On-demand transit helps car-free residents like Vincent get around the entire Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area.

Rider Profile: Meet Franklin.

  •   2 min read
On-demand transit in Fort Worth, Texas, helps Franklin save money with affordable, efficient transportation — connecting him to both work and fun.

Rider Profile: Meet Jeremy.

  •   2 min read
On-demand transit gives Jeremy* an affordable way to get to school, work, and anywhere else in Arlington, Texas.

Rider Profile: Meet Jane.

  •   2 min read
On-demand transit in Fort Worth, Texas, gives Jane* a faster, safer way to get to and from work — especially late at night.
Thought leadership

Building better public transit in rural America

  •   5 min read
In the wake of the pandemic, we have an opportunity to finally build reliable and equitable transportation in rural America. It starts by thinking differently about public transit.

“It’s a no-brainer”: A conversation with David Marsh on tech and rural mobility.

  •   4 min read
The Capital Area Rural Transportation System serves 7,200 square miles around Austin, Texas. We sat down with the agency’s General Manager, David Marsh, to talk candidly about how rural providers of all sizes can take advantage of technology.

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