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Data Snack

Data proves that Digital DRT is here to stay in the UK (Interactive Map)

  •   2 min read
Digital demand-responsive transport (DDRT) has matured into a service mode with longevity in communities across the UK.
Thought leadership

2022 will be the year that makes or breaks England’s National Bus Strategy

  •   3 min read
Jonathan Hampson argues that local authorities’ creative thinking can foster meaningful change even with reduced funding.
Industry insights

How to maintain transit coverage during a driver shortage

  •   4 min read
The nationwide driver shortage is forcing transit providers to be more creative with their resources. Learn why transitioning from fixed to on-demand service is proving to be a long-term solution for agencies of all sizes.
Thought leadership

Bus Service Improvement Plans (BSIPs) are only the beginning

  •   4 min read
How to take your Bus Service Improvement Plan from ideation to execution using tech-enabled transport planning and operation tools.
Data story

Ditching the private vehicle for a greener post-pandemic future

  •   4 min read
#StayHome has been our mantra for more than a year, resulting in huge environmental benefits. But how can we sustain this trend? We have a few ideas.

Data shows how demand-responsive transport can shift people away from private vehicle use

  •   < 1 min read
Ridership data in Sevenoaks, Kent proves that when communities provide better public transport, people are willing to leave their cars at home.
Industry insights

15 cities and companies that have redefined transportation during COVID-19

  •   6 min read
Responding to COVID-19: New ways cities and companies are adapting their transportation resources to support their communities during the coronavirus pandemic.