Watch a 3-minute video explaining how our algorithm works for paratransit. Watch now.

Remix Scheduling helps a small agency stay nimble amid service changes

  •   2 min read
In a winter sports haven straddling the California and Nevada border, Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) offers transit services that change with the seasons.

The deception of a map: how a new feature in Remix tackles old cartographical challenges

  •   5 min read
Remix’s “offset overlapping lines” feature is new to digital maps, but common to transit maps: learn how we bridged the gap.

Remix helps local transport authorities analyse their networks and plan for the future

  •   3 min read
Learn how some authorities have used Remix to ease the task of network reviews and maximise the impact of their transport networks.

The power of digital mapping software

  •   6 min read
Check out some fascinating historical maps and learn how today’s digital tools can offer a new, more collaborative approach to mapmaking.
Thought leadership

Bus Service Improvement Plans (BSIPs) are only the beginning

  •   4 min read
How to take your Bus Service Improvement Plan from ideation to execution using tech-enabled transport planning and operation tools.

How to use Remix to design mobility programs that complement your fixed route network

Planning with Via data in Remix can help ensure that flexible mobility programs complement fixed route ridership.

How to write winning grant applications with Remix

Explore three ways Remix customers use our data analysis and visualization tools for grant applications.
Women in TransitTech

Women in TransitTech: Tiffany Chu.

  •   2 min read
In honor of International Women’s Day and throughout the month of March, Via is proud to profile a number of changemakers driving real innovation in their communities. Enjoy the story below, and then check out the rest of the series.

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