Public transit isn’t dead: three ways cities are upgrading their networks. Read more.

Traffic calculator: discover how COVID-19 could cripple traffic in your city

  •   2 min read
The Rebound Calculator by researchers at Vanderbilt University shows how the rush to single occupancy vehicles could strike a blow to every day travel times in U.S. cities.

Creative ways to fund on-demand public transportation and microtransit

  •   6 min read
Finding the cash for trailblazing new transit tech is often half the battle. Here are nearly a dozen ways cities are creatively funding new on-demand public transportation networks.

Public transit isn’t dead: three ways cities are upgrading their networks

  •   5 min read
Cities are getting creative and exploring changes to draw people back to public transportation and get the economy moving again.

A flight to single-occupancy vehicles could undo progress in reducing congestion

  •   3 min read
COVID-19 has people turning their backs on public transportation and flocking back to personal vehicles. Can cities find new ways to entice riders back to shared travel?

Responding to COVID-19: How to optimize transportation resources during emergencies

  •   3 min read
The COVID-19 outbreak has cities and transit agencies scrambling to provide new forms of transportation for essential staff and emergency services, including food deliveries and medical necessities.

How to successfully launch and grow an on-demand transportation service

  •   4 min read
Launching a microtransit network requires cities and operators to determine everything from the type of vehicle to ways they plan to promote ridership.

Fighting airport traffic and congestion with microtransit

  •   4 min read
How airports are relieving pickup zone congestion with a smarter approach to the passenger shuttle.

The next generation of public transportation

  •   4 min read
How microtransit could help bring aging U.S. public transportation into a new era of convenient, flexible, and accessible ridership, especially in the wake of COVID-19.

How cities are making it easier to age in place

  •   3 min read
Cities and community leaders are investing in new kinds of on-demand public transit, making it more convenient for local seniors to regain their freedom.

Sen. Doug Jones and Sen. Chris Van Hollen praise microtransit in Senate hearing

  •   3 min read
The Alabama and Maryland senators spoke about the promise of microtransit, pointing to the success of on-demand public transportation in Birmingham and Montgomery County.

How cities can fix dwindling public transportation ridership with microtransit

  •   5 min read
Whether it's a big city, small town, car-oriented suburb, or rural area, every city has different mobility challenges. Microtransit is providing a solution.

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