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Industry insights

Three cities redefining paratransit with new technology

  •   4 min read
Fed up with traditional services, cities are implementing new systems that allow paratransit riders more freedom.
Industry insights

3 ways cities can build more accessible transportation for people with disabilities

  •   5 min read
Finding accessible transit options can be an overwhelming task for people with disabilities, but it shouldn’t be. Check out a few ways that truly help make transportation equitable, and accessible for everyone.

Using TransitTech to improve the 4 most important paratransit metrics

  •   6 min read
Evaluating paratransit can take many forms, but there are some critical metrics that stand out. Find out how to give those numbers a boost.
Thought leadership

The role of TransitTech in creating equitable access for the disability community

  •   4 min read
Paratransit’s role is shifting amongst communities investing in on-demand microtransit, delivering huge cost savings for cities and quality of life improvements for riders.
Industry insights

Making transportation budgets work harder — and smarter

  •   3 min read
Local governments have an opportunity to make public transit more cost-efficient by using existing resources in new ways.
Women in TransitTech

Women in TransitTech: Patricia Kiewiz.

  •   2 min read
In honor of International Women’s Day and throughout the month of March, Via is proud to profile a number of changemakers driving real innovation in their communities. Enjoy the story below, and then check out the rest of the series.
Thought leadership

Cities ready to modernize paratransit may have a new solution

  •   9 min read
Outdated paratransit services are notoriously unpredictable for riders and transportation agencies alike, but some cities are turning to new technologies to find a fix at long last.