Need to evaluate software for ADA paratransit? Read our expert guide.
Thought leadership

The solution to rural mobility will leverage both new technology and existing local resources

  •   3 min read
How new technology and traditional community transport can work together to solve the rural transport crisis.
Data Snack

Fewer than 40% of areas get BSIP funding: how those left out can still level-up their services

  •   < 1 min read
BSIP awards fell well short of what’s needed and what was promised, but aspirations for better, highly efficient and more reliable bus services shouldn’t be left behind. Authorities are thinking creatively to bring riders back — with even fewer resources.

How to write winning grant applications with Remix

Explore three ways Remix customers use our data analysis and visualization tools for grant applications.
Industry insights

Microtransit for Old Town Roads: Planning and funding rural on-demand transit in the Southeast.

  •   6 min read
There have traditionally been major roadblocks to building reliable rural public transportation in the Southeast. But today, rural communities are tapping new funding to build successful on-demand public transit networks.
Industry insights

Creative ways to fund on-demand public transportation and microtransit in California

  •   6 min read
Finding the funding for new TransitTech is often half the battle, even in a place where improving equity and reducing carbon emissions are key priorities for the state. Here are numerous ways cities in California are creatively funding new on-demand public transportation networks.
Industry insights

FAQ: Funding for Transit in the CARES Stimulus Package

  •   2 min read
With $25 billion on the table for transportation, cities and transit agencies have a lot of questions about the new CARES bill. We have answers.

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