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Industry insights

15 cities and companies that have redefined transportation during COVID-19

  •   6 min read
Responding to COVID-19: New ways cities and companies are adapting their transportation resources to support their communities during the coronavirus pandemic.
Industry insights

Cities are using public transportation to deliver essentials during the COVID-19 pandemic

  •   3 min read
Using routing technology usually reserved for on-demand microtransit, cities are delivering emergency relief like medicine and meals as more residents shelter in place.

MyWay service in Timaru allows the community to use transportation to “respond to uncertainty with confidence.”

  •   3 min read
Responding to COVID-19: How the New Zealand city rushed its on-demand microtransit service into operation for essential trips during the pandemic.

Three ways Berlin’s BerlKönig service supported its community during COVID-19

  •   4 min read
Responding to COVID-19: Operated by the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), the BerlKönig took quick action to assist medical workers with on-demand transport during the height of the pandemic.

Watch healthcare workers in Abu Dhabi use new on-demand hospital shuttles to fight COVID-19

  •   2 min read
Responding to COVID-19: The city’s Integrated Transportation Center (ITC) now provides a free microtransit shuttle service via the newly developed "Abu Dhabi Healthcare Link" application.
Industry insights

How an entire country reframed their rideshare service for essential deliveries during the coronavirus pandemic

  •   3 min read
Responding to COVID-19: Malta repurposed its on-demand microtransit network during the public health crisis to deliver things like groceries and medicine.
Industry insights

Responding to COVID-19: How to optimize transportation resources during emergencies

  •   3 min read
The COVID-19 outbreak has cities and transit agencies scrambling to provide new forms of transportation for essential staff and emergency services, including food deliveries and medical necessities.

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