Transit leaders in Illinois, West Virginia, and New Mexico share their top scheduling tips. Watch now.
Industry insights

Building on-demand transit: 8 key elements to consider for a successful launch

  •   < 1 min read
Microtransit — or, on-demand public transportation — can work in many scenarios to solve specific mobility challenges in your community. Whether you work at large transit agencies, small municipal governments, or any public sector in between, this microtransit guide is for you, addressing everything you need to know for a successful microtransit launch.
Funding Alerts

Michigan Mobility Grants open now: Launch an innovative mobility program with seed funding from MEDC

  •   2 min read
The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) hosts the Michigan Mobility Funding Platform that provides grants to mobility and electrification companies for innovative pilots in Michigan
Data Snack

Electric vehicles cost 40% less to maintain than gasoline cars

  •   2 min read
Our Data Snack series takes a visual approach to the world’s most important transportation insights. Understand the newest trends so that you can make your next transit decision with confidence.
Funding Alerts

FHWA launches 2021 Surface Transportation System Funding Alternatives grant program

  •   2 min read
The Federal Highway Administration invites states or groups of states to apply for funding to demonstrate user-based alternative revenue mechanisms.

Fleet electrification and the transition to shared, low-carbon mobility.

  •   3 min read
Cities are investing in new technology that makes planning, managing, and scheduling a fully electrified fleet — or a mixed fleet — easier than ever before.
Thought leadership

Electrifying private vehicles is good, but not enough

  •   4 min read

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