6 steps to launching a microtransit service in weeks, not months. Learn how.
Data Snack

Electric vehicles cost 40% less to maintain than gasoline cars

  •   2 min read
Our Data Snack series takes a visual approach to the world’s most important transportation insights. Understand the newest trends so that you can make your next transit decision with confidence.

Fleet electrification and the transition to shared, low-carbon mobility.

  •   3 min read
Cities are investing in new technology that makes planning, managing, and scheduling a fully electrified fleet — or a mixed fleet — easier than ever before.

Three ways Berlin’s BerlKönig service supported its community during COVID-19

  •   4 min read
Responding to COVID-19: Operated by the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), the BerlKönig took quick action to assist medical workers with on-demand transport during the height of the pandemic.
Industry insights

Responding to COVID-19: How to optimize transportation resources during emergencies

  •   3 min read
The COVID-19 outbreak has cities and transit agencies scrambling to provide new forms of transportation for essential staff and emergency services, including food deliveries and medical necessities.

Report: On-demand transit can help solve the urban mobility conundrum

  •   4 min read
A new study by Boston Consulting Group takes a close look at on-demand microtransit, with results decidedly showing that “on-demand transit services work,” with the potential to reduce traffic by 15-30% while providing a more efficient and comfortable way of traveling.