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Data Snack

A high-inflation environment makes action on public transport all the more essential

  •   2 min read
As those with the lowest incomes are hit hardest by soaring prices, renewed government investment in public transport can help ease one source of rising household costs.
Data Snack

Low fare brings exponential ridership growth, but can this mode sustain?

  •   2 min read
What makes Germany’s €9 ($9.20) unlimited all-mode transport pass so appealing is, of course, the price. However, cheap fares alone aren't sufficient. A smart, cost-efficient network, paired with appropriate funding, could be the real game changer.

Data shows that demand-responsive transport is the mode that best matches the UK’s new travel patterns

  •   2 min read
Digital demand-responsive transport (DDRT) is best positioned to respond to the latest mobility trends in the UK — and is winning passengers back.

5 myths about using digital DRT in the UK’s rural public transport networks

  •   5 min read
Think rural public transport isn’t compatible with modern technology? Think again. Here are five common misconceptions — and the local authorities who've proven them wrong.
Thought leadership

Bus Service Improvement Plans (BSIPs) are only the beginning

  •   4 min read
How to take your Bus Service Improvement Plan from ideation to execution using tech-enabled transport planning and operation tools.

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