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Paratransit for the 21st century

Watch a conversation recently hosted by CTAA and Via on the future of same-day paratransit service and commingling.

Via Transportation •

Combining pre-booked ADA trips with other same-day or on-demand services seems like a no-brainer: offering compliant services while both saving costs and offering a more flexible experience to riders. It’s the best of both worlds. But how should agencies get started, and what other agencies are doing it successfully? CTAA and Via recently teamed up to host an intimate session on new developments in paratransit in the US, including detailed discussions of ‘commingled’ services launched by Green Bay Metro in Wisconsin, Golden Empire Transit in California, and Mountain Line in Montana. Via's Partnerships Lead, Terence McPherson, covered topics like:

  • What drove these agencies to update their paratransit programs
  • Where these communities have seen benefits
  • How agencies have overcome any challenges
  • Why TransitTech is necessary to these leading agencies' vision for the future.
The conversation also featured live Q&A throughout, but if you have any lingering questions please feel free to reach out to the team.