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Experts discuss $1 billion in funding for safe streets

Hear everything you need to know about the new Safe Streets and Roads for All program and its best practices.

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An overview.

The World Health Organization estimates that 1.35 million people across the world are killed in road traffic accidents every single year. The problem is particularly acute in the United States, prompting the Department of Transportation’s new Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) grant program, with $1 billion available. Grants are available for both planning and implementation of projects to promote safer streets, including acquiring technology like Remix Streets, which was recently used to redesign some of the  most dangerous intersections in NYC. In this webinar, you will hear everything you need to know about available funding and Complete Streets best practices.


About the speakers.

Webinar Headshots (3)
Beth Osbourne
Director, Transportation for America

Beth is the Director of Transportation for America. She was previously at the U.S. Department of Transportation, where she served as the Acting Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy and the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy since 2009.

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Andrei Greenawalt
Head of Public Policy, Via

Andrei Greenawalt is the Chief Policy Officer at Via, a leading provider of public mobility solutions. Andrei previously worked on regulatory and policy issues at the White House (2009-14), including as Policy Advisor in the Office of the Chief of Staff and as Associate Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. 

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Rachel DiSalvo
Grants Lead, Via

Rachel has been with Via for two years, specializing in grants and funding for our partners. Before joining Via, she worked as a Grants Officer for the University Settlement Society of New York and The Door. Rachel is a pro at finding funding opportunities, writing grant proposals, and ensuring compliance.

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Arti Harchekar
Partner Success Manager, Remix by Via

During her time at Via, Arti managed the health of over 70 Remix Transit, Scheduling and Streets partners by developing measurable work plans to promote the use of the platform, tackle any challenges, and ensure a a seamless customer journey.