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Rider Profile: Meet Erick

In honor of Disability Pride Month, learn how accessible services like Go2 in Muskegon, MI are helping riders like Erick get around town.

Via Transportation •

In 2021, the Muskegon Area Transit System (MATS) partnered with Via to launch Go2, an on-demand microtransit service that lets riders access the Muskegon metro area without needing a car.  “With Go2, someone in a wheelchair can book and do evening activities when the weather is actually a little cooler. So man, that is awesome.” “I personally use it to go grocery shopping, to doctor's appointments, visiting friends,” says Erick. "I use it more days than I don’t throughout the course of the week.” Before Go2, that kind of mobility would have required owning a private car. But the service “opens up so many doors,” Erick reflected. 

As a powerchair user, Erick does not feel comfortable riding everywhere on his chair. Go2 gives him the freedom to travel safely with his chair and be accommodated for his needs. “I am so happy that at least for the wheelchair users that it's door-to-door,” Erick notes. He also has praise for the Go2 drivers: “All of the drivers are more than helpful to me. They definitely go out of their way to assist, make sure I’m comfortable, make sure I’m secure.” 

With half of Go2's fleet consisting of wheelchair-accessible vehicles, Erick can easily get a ride whenever he needs one. For Erick, the flexibility to go out whenever and wherever he wants — even in the evening — is his favorite part about riding with Go2. "In my opinion, the most important feature of the service is that it goes past 5 o'clock,"  he remarks.  “It meant something to me to actually have the freedom to be like anybody else. I didn't have the luxury of getting in the car and going home, but I can do just as good and call Go2 and actually have a ride.”