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A GoZone rider becomes a driver — and then a rider again.

Dyani has seen DCTA's GoZone service from the perspective of both rider and driver — learn how microtransit is changing her community.

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When DCTA GoZone launched in September 2021, it offered a new, flexible way for riders of all ages to get around Denton County, Texas without a car. To celebrate one year of GoZone service, we spoke with Dyani, who has used the service both as a rider and a driver, about her family’s experiences.  "Most of the drivers are really compassionate. It's nice seeing how the drivers go above and beyond to help people out." Before GoZone, Dyani and her husband had been spending almost $1000 per month on taxis and private rideshare services for their commutes.  Shortly after GoZone’s launch, they noticed an ad for the new service on the train and decided to give it a try. Soon, both were using GoZone regularly to get to work. 

When Dyani found out she was pregnant, GoZone became more than a way to get to work — it became her work. In search of a temporary job that would keep her off her feet until she gave birth to her son, Dyani applied to be a GoZone driver for the last few months of her pregnancy, all while continuing to ride regularly herself. 

Being both a rider and a driver gave her a rare perspective on the service, and her community. “You drive everybody,” she observed. “And you ride around with students, mothers with their kids, homeless people. It’s just a variety of community people who use it.” Though she stopped driving for GoZone after giving birth, she looks back fondly on the experience: “I had riders I super loved,” she said. 

Dyani is still a regular rider: as her family saves up for a car, GoZone is her go-to transit mode. “Now that we have our son, it’s very handy to get to and from his doctor’s appointments, my doctor’s appointments,” she explained. “And we can still run a few errands here and there, with him able to come with me.” 

GoZone also helps Dyani and her family get around the city for fun. “We’ll go out for date days or go to the mall,” she said. They also take advantage of the service’s expanded Sunday service zone — and guaranteed trips home from the Trinity Mills train station — to explore beyond the city: “GoZone allows us to see our state a bit more. To get out of Denton with an Uber would be $30 or more.” Dyani is now pregnant with her second child, and has noticed drivers going out of their way to accommodate her. “Most of the drivers are really compassionate,” she said. “It’s nice seeing how the drivers go above and beyond to help people out.”