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Welcome to Via!

A few Pro Tips for your first ride:

How can Via be so affordable?
Via is a shared service. By riding with others you’ll save cash and reduce your carbon footprint!

Where will my driver pick me up?
Via will pick you up on a nearby corner – you’ll never have to walk more than a few blocks. Check your app to find the exact pickup spot!

Will my Via wait if I’m running late?
Your driver can only wait at the corner for 30 seconds. Please be ready to roll so you can hop right in when your ride pulls up.

Hooray, my Via is here! Now what should I do?
There’s a sea of Vias out there, but not all of them are headed your way! Look for the numbered sign & confirm your name with the driver before boarding.

Are there rules I should know about?
Via is a community: we ask members to limit phone calls to emergencies & quick logistics so everyone has a pleasant trip!

Where will I get dropped off?
Via is corner-to-corner, not door-to-door. Just like your pickup, your dropoff will be at a nearby corner. This helps us keep routes efficient and fast.

What if these helpful tips weren’t so helpful?
Oh no! If your question is urgent, please reply to this text. Otherwise, check out our Support Center for more Via Pro Tips!

One last note…
Call us biased, but we think you’re pretty sharp. Via is the smartest, friendliest, greenest, and most cost-effective way to get around. We’re excited to have you onboard!

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