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Case Study


Gainesville/Hall County, Georgia, USA



Use Case

Replacing fixed routes, commuting, NEMT


7, scaling to 15









Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Gainesville, Georgia, offers its residents easy opportunities for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. But for those who aren't as mobile due to age or physical ability, getting around Gainesville and greater Hall County can be quite a challenge. Bus stops across the region aren’t centrally located, meaning long walks and low ridership. Additionally, a significant number of residents do not own a vehicle, so relying on public transit is essential yet inconvenient.



In December 2020, Via partnered with Gainesville and Hall County to launch an on-demand service that replaced three underperforming fixed routes in Gainesville with pickups and dropoffs anywhere within the city — a game-changer for riders. This change has boosted accessibility and convenience, while the addition of a mobile app has attracted younger riders. Soon the service will expand farther into Hall County, and a pre-scheduled offering will replace an outdated dial-a-ride service.




Gone are the days where passengers waited 30-60 minutes in the cold or heat for the next bus. With Via, our neighbors can quickly access a rideshare van with a click on their smartphone.”

Phillippa Lewis Moss
Director Gainesville-Hall Community Service Center

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