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Smarter paratransit that just works.

Via Paratransit combines innovative, best-in-class software with operational knowledge — providing a lower cost and higher quality way for paratransit riders to get around.

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Our global partners leverage Via Paratransit to:


Improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Via Paratransit's dispatching and routing software enables you to serve more rides with fewer vehicles, expanding a rider’s access to businesses, medical appointments, and hard to reach areas — while keeping your costs low.


Ensure compliance and timeliness.

With phone, web, or app booking options and automated dispatch and reassignment technology, you remain inclusive, compliant, and on time. The software also enables you to intervene when necessary, creating a reliable and safe service.

Modernize the rider experience.

Take the guesswork out of planning travel with our custom-built rider, driver, and dispatcher experiences that guarantee everyone using the service remains fully informed, thanks to timely ride updates and real-time tracking.
Charlotte Area Transit System

“First software developer for paratransit who instills a sense of integrity and pride in their product. Not willing to compromise if it compromises the principles of the product they are developing. It is refreshing.”

CATS Paratransit Senior Manager — CATS Paratransit Senior Manager

How to serve more riders with your existing fleet.

It doesn’t stop there.

Our software is modular — the tech is powerful on its own, but it can also be combined with any number of additional services, depending on your goals.

  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle training for operators.

  • Sourcing fleet operators.

  • Commingled service options.

  • Pre and post-launch marketing.

  • Outreach to community.

  • A network of support for riders and drivers.

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