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All-in-one student transit that’s ahead of the curve.

Safe, efficient, and flexible student transportation solutions that work — no matter your district, city, or student population.

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Our global partners use Via Student Transit to:


Deliver peace of mind for schools, parents, and caregivers.

An intuitive Caregiver App,  GPS tracking system, and web-based school portals keep everyone in the loop about everything from absences to late buses simplifying communication and reducing phone calls.


Improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Routes are created and optimized to use drivers and vehicles most efficiently. Our all-in-one cloud-based platform means you can say goodbye to a patchwork system and hello to unified operations.


Streamline management with integrated tools.

Real-time updates paired with a robust reporting suite allows you to focus more on students, less on reporting or tracking down vehicles.

How it works.

Whether you need software or turnkey operations, our student transit solutions flex to fit your community.

Turnkey Alternative School Transportation

Whether you’re struggling to fill gaps left by operator shortages or when a traditional bus route doesn’t make sense — like serving housing insecure students or those with special travel needs — Via’s turnkey student transportation services help you meet your goals and free up your time and budget.

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Student Transit Software

Whether you manage multiple providers, make use of alternate school transportation services, or are transitioning to electric vehicles, Via’s solution makes service management simple.

Built alongside school districts, our software suite provides optimized routing, reliable information, unified management tools, and user-friendly apps — so everyone has the information they need, in real time.

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