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Secure, efficient transportation for corporate and university campuses.

Via’s software and operational expertise enables university and corporate campuses to move around easily and safely through convenient and flexible rides at a low cost.

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Our global partners leverage campus transportation to:


Prioritize safety.

From early mornings to late nights, Via Shuttle Services allows students and employees to book on-demand rides and travel safely and worry-free to destinations on and off campus.

Cut down on congestion and parking issues.

Shared rides to and from work or class provide a reliable alternative to private vehicles, reducing the amount of time people spend looking for parking and reducing traffic in and around campus. 

Improve efficiency.

Our demand-predictive software smartly routes vehicles to maximize sharing and minimize detours, which means students and employees spend less time waiting for their ride and in the vehicle.

Northwestern University

“They customized a service and a user app to specifically meet our unique needs. The effectiveness of the service has been exceptional — doubling the number of student rides while significantly decreasing cancellations and no-shows. Frankly, they have exceeded our expectations.”

Jim Roberts — Sr. Executive Director, Division Services at Northwestern University
more available driver hours
increase in ridership in the first year

It doesn’t stop there.

Our software is modular — the tech is powerful on its own, but it can also be combined with any number of additional services, depending on your goals.

  • Driver acquisition management.

  • Sourcing fleet operators.

  • Extended advertising opportunities.

  • Pre and post-launch marketing.

  • Outreach to community.

  • A network of support for riders and drivers.

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