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Better cities start with better transit.

Big city, small town, anywhere in between: transit is what keeps people moving, and brings everything your city has to offer within reach. When city leaders take control over this vital resource, the impact can be transformative for communities - and can help you realize your vision for your city. What can tech-powered transit do for you?

What can tech-powered transit do for you?


Boost the local economy.

Innovative transit improves job access, shortens commutes, and attracts new city investments.


Level the playing field.

Alleviate food deserts, raise health outcomes, and bring education within reach. 


Build a more livable city.

Clear the streets of traffic jams and stop worrying about parking. For good. 


Own your infrastructure.

Deliver mobility where it’s needed, at your pace and within your budget.

Mayors cut the ribbon on brand-new transit services.

Join hundreds of cities taking control of transit.

Communities across America are solving civic challenges with tech-enabled transit. Here are just a few of their stories:

Integrated transit technology and operations, managed by experts.

You set the goals and policy objectives for your city, and we’ll put wheels on the ground to make it happen. Here’s what it looks like to work with Via:

Right mode, right place, right time.

Empower your residents with mobility options that meet them where they are. Via gives you the tools to coordinate a mix of fixed-route buses, on-demand microtransit vans, and accessible paratransit vehicles that ensure everyone has equal access to opportunities. Maximize your transit coverage, shorten travel times, and attract riders of all ages and abilities with a network that’s as convenient as hopping in a car.

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Expert planning and funding support.

You won’t be on your own. Whether you’ve got experienced planners on staff, or you’re launching transit for the first time, our team will meet you where you are. We’ll help you craft a sustainable funding strategy — through grants, ballot initiatives, partnerships with local businesses — and translate your goals into a sustainable network that serves your community.

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Precision management and analytics.

Real-time and historical data means you’re never guessing about the performance of your transit network — or how people feel about it. This data helps scale your services to meet demand, and re-balance things when needed. Your city is evolving; so should your transit network. 

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