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Valdosta Ride Pass – Terms & Conditions

Pass is activated at the time you take your first ride, not at time of purchase, except when an election has been made to auto-renew a Pass, in which case activation of the new Pass will occur at the time of the expiration of the previously purchased Pass. Each Pass expires at the end of the stated validity period, to the minute of the activation time. Each individually purchased Pass is limited to a single user, account and device (i.e., multiple people cannot share a single Pass). Pass holders are prohibited from booking a ride on behalf of another person or party, and must be present in all bookings made with their Pass. Valdosta On-Demand reserves the right to deactivate any Pass it determines to be used in violation of these terms, with immediate effect, and without refunds. A Pass holder may book rides for his or her +1’s, though additional fees apply. The Pass cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. Charges for cancellations and no-show fees will apply. Available while supplies last. Valdosta On-Demand reserves the right to cancel this offer or modify its terms at any time. Valdosta On-Demand does not guarantee the availability of rides.

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