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Via’s vision for public transport in the UK

Via believes that demand-responsive transportation (DRT) is a crucial component of the UK’s transport network. Our UK services support rural mobility in Lincolnshire, Pembrokeshire, Nottinghamshire and dozens of other locations; power fully integrated DRT and dial-a-ride services in the West Midlands and London; and deliver transformational budget savings for local authorities, such as Milton Keynes, through our turnkey solution.

With over 60 UK-based employees working across network planning (Remix), mobility-as-a-service (Citymapper), and DRT (Via), we are committed to the growth of innovative transport in the UK.

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How we do it.

Councils and transport authorities across the UK already benefit from Via’s integrated technology solutions. Our services consistently achieve the highest efficiency and lowest cost-per-ride of any provider in the UK. This enables our partners to provide vital transportation for residents while increasing public transport adoption and reducing operational costs.

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Via powers the most successful Rural Mobility Fund services. See the data.

Learn how Via’s technology delivers the most successful RMF schemes throughout the UK.

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14% lower emissions and £2m in cost savings for Milton Keynes.

Via’s turnkey solution provides passengers with better service while reducing costs and emissions.
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Upgrade your DRT service with Citymapper journey planning.

Bring your integrated transport vision to life with Citymapper's new cutting-edge MaaS platform.
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Demand response service flourishes in Shropshire with Via's Connect On-Demand.

Shrewsbury takes a leap into the future with demand-responsive transport that revolutionises travel.
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Our UK footprint.

Via is the technology partner of choice across the UK with 35 DRT services delivering over 1.4m journeys in 2023. Our technology powers services at every scale: from small DRT services supporting essential rural mobility in dozens of locations; through to over 300 vehicles providing dial-a-ride services in London. Every Via partner receives bespoke support and a dedicated partner success manager committed to helping them achieve their goals.

Flexible technology for better transport.

Choosing the right technology partner for your DRT service can be daunting. Choosing Via means you are in safe hands. The data shows that our technology consistently delivers the most successful services with the highest levels of efficiency and the lowest cost-per-ride.

Passengers, drivers, and operators all benefit from a powerful, intuitive, and fully integrated platform. With over 700 partners worldwide and 600+ developers, our technology is constantly improving while our local teams work with you to get you the transportation solution you need.

Turnkey operations
On the ground with Via.

People, vehicles, and technology: the keys to our success. We've spent a decade honing our operational excellence, through partnerships with more than 700 cities and local authorities in nearly 50 countries.

In the UK, our innovative turnkey operations enable significant cost savings at a time when bus budgets are under pressure from rapidly increasing driver and vehicle costs. In Milton Keynes, our turnkey solution has delivered in excess of £2M of annual savings compared to running a network of supported bus services.

What's next?

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