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Last Updated: 12/25/2019

Welcome to, a website that is owned and operated by Via Transportation, Inc.

  1. We are providing you with the following information about cookie use on our website(s), including how you can manage your cookie preferences, customize settings or opt-out:
  2. We use cookies on our website(s). Cookies are small text files placed in a visitor’s computer and/or mobile browsers to store information. We may use cookies to enable website functionality, analyze our website traffic, and measure the effectiveness of our advertising, among other uses. Different cookies will be stored by a web browser for different lengths of time depending on a cookie’s function.
  3. When a cookie is not necessary for website functionality and can be disabled by us, we will ask you for permission before enabling it. See Section 4 below for information about how you can disable other cookies.
  4. Please refer to your browser or mobile device’s technical information for instructions on how to delete and disable cookies, and other tracking/recording tools. Note that disabling cookies may disable certain website features. (To learn more about cookies and related technologies, and to learn how you may be able to opt-out of interest-based advertising from many online advertising networks, you may wish to visit and/or the Network Advertising Initiative’s online resources, at You may also manage certain advertising cookies by visiting the EU-based Your Online Choices at  If you access our website on your mobile device, you may not be able to control tracking technologies through changing your settings in your profile.

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4. For information about Via’s privacy policy and how we handle personal data, please see

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