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Case Study


Wilson, North Carolina, USA



Use Case

Rural mobility, commuting


10 vehicles including WAVs


increase in coverage


increase in budget


rider rating



Though small in population, Wilson, North Carolina, is big on innovation. In July 2020, Wilson partnered with Via to implement a comprehensive overhaul of its public transit system. Introduced in the 1960s, Wilson’s bus system was designed for commuters working in the City’s downtown. But as the City’s economic development and commuting patterns became more dispersed, its bus network failed to serve those commuting to jobs away from the city center.



In September 2020, Via replaced Wilson's fixed route network with an entirely on-demand transit system, providing corner-to-corner service for residents traveling anywhere in the City. With wheelchair-accessible vehicles, phone booking for customers without smartphones, and payment options for those who are unbanked, RIDE ensures accessibility for all Wilson residents.




[RIDE] has changed people’s lives. And that’s what makes me thrilled to be able to offer this service in a community like Wilson."

Rodger Lentz
Chief Planning and Development Officer

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