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Case Study

BASF Standort Shuttle





Use Case

Corporate shuttle, Commuting


18 vehicles


rides per day pre-COVID


average vehicle utilization pre-COVID





With more than 200 unique production facilities and 39,000+ employees, this 10.4 square kilometer BASF site is the largest integrated chemical complex in the world. Employees, contractors, and visitors get around and move goods throughout the bustling complex using personal vehicles, heavy-duty lorries, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), trains, and bikes. As a company committed to sustainability, BASF sought an innovative transportation solution that would eliminate the need to use personal vehicles on-site, thereby reducing single-occupancy vehicle travel and parking pressure, enhancing the employee and visitor experience, and increasing traffic safety. 




In September 2018, Via launched Standort Shuttle at BASF’s headquarters in Ludwigshafen. The service allows employees, contractors, and visitors to request on-demand rides while providing fast and convenient access to all areas of the complex. This multimodal service was designed to complement BASF’s existing fixed route bus. The system prioritizes fixed route proposals when they are available, and on-demand when coverage is lacking or connections required. 

The Standort Shuttle operates under Via’s unique Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) model: A turnkey transportation solution that provides vehicles, drivers, and operations in addition to the technology that combines two service modes in one platform. The BASF corporate shuttle adapts to the site’s constantly shifting traffic conditions. The service is free for employees and visitors.

The Standort Shuttle has become an integral part of BASF’s transportation network and has grown rapidly since launch. Pre-COVID, the service brought around 500 riders to their destination every day, and over 4,000 riders had used the service 5+ times. Service quality is excellent, with an average wait time of under 8 minutes. The Standort shuttle also redefined integrated mobility: its on-demand and fixed route integration was one of the very first of its kind in the world. Via’s algorithm automatically calculates a ride proposal based on which vehicle — an on-demand shuttle van or a fixed route bus — is best-suited to fulfill the trip request. Many factors are taken into account for this calculation, including vehicle ETA and walking distance to the nearest fixed line. This ensures that trips are not unnecessarily duplicated, thereby minimizing traffic, maximizing resources, and increasing overall system efficiency.





Via's dynamic ride sharing service...will improve working conditions for our people and is very much in keeping with our ‘ZukunftsbildWerk Ludwigshafen’ (Vision for the Ludwigshafen Site) project, namely to set an example in safety, productivity, and innovation."

Dr. Uwe Liebelt
President European Site & Verbund Management and Managing Director Ludwigshafen site, 2018

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