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Mountain Line Transit Authority



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reduction in staff time per bid


fixed routes

1.3 million

rides per year


Over the past 25 years, Mountain Line Transit Authority (MLTA) has grown its small transit network into a thriving 24-line system serving ~1.3 million rides each year. MLTA not only serves downtown Morgantown, but the more rural surrounding area and the large student population at West Virginia University. Because of the university schedule, MLTA has always re-bid its services three times per year, a daunting challenge for any agency — and one that grew even more challenging when COVID-19 struck, disrupting MLTA’s ridership and workforce.


MLTA relied on Remix Scheduling to reduce staff time spent on planned re-bids, as well as unplanned route and schedule changes brought about due to COVID. Before Remix, the team spent a month completing a full service re-bid; after, they’ve got it down to a solid week. They were also able to use Remix to quickly create multiple schedules that could be operated at different staffing levels, depending on what staff was available during COVID. For every new runcut they complete, the team knows that Remix will offer multiple options and make any tradeoffs easily apparent, so they can always select the best option. Remix has empowered MLTA’s team to spend less time on day-to-day tasks and more time on innovative solutions for the future.

I’ve got half a dozen people on staff that can use Remix’s planning and scheduling tools. Before that, I was the only person that had the ability … to create all of the data we would use when we were doing route changes, and that took me away from doing other innovative things. 

So there’s an opportunity cost when you fail to change or you fail to use technology. It really is an investment in the future."

David Bruffy
CEO, CCTM, Mountain Line Transit Authority

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