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Word on the Street: Avoiding a transportation death spiral

Data, news, tools, oh my! Click here to get the scoop.

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Data, news, tools, oh my! Click here to get the scoop.
Public transportation has changed radically in the past several months. We’re using data to map everything we’ve learned. Let’s dive in.
Avoiding mass transit’s collapse, once and for all.

Avoiding mass transit’s collapse, once and for all.

Empty bus routes. Cities and transit operators burning through cash. Something needs to change.

Thankfully, cities are already rebuilding public transit — but better. See what the future of your bus network might look like.

Fixing the fixed-route bus.

It’s time for rural transportation’s big break.

With so many cities fusing public transit and technology in response to the pandemic, rural transportation is ripe for innovation. Read the new use cases out of the UK that are showing immense promise.

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It’s time for rural transportation’s big break

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Bus Size Shouldn't Matter

PODCAST: Cut costs, increase performance? This bus network proved it works.

New tech, same fleet, huge results. Hear how one city in Canada is cutting transit costs by reducing the size of its fleet — a move that surprisingly decreased wait times by 77%. How’d they do it?

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Traffic calculator: discover how COVID-19 could cripple traffic in your city.

Experts at Vanderbilt University built this tool showing how COVID-19 could strike a blow to your commute (and your budget). How does your city stack up?

Use this tool.

Traffic Calculator
Watch n Learn Watch ‘n learn.
Senate Hearing
Sen. Doug Jones and Sen. Chris Van Hollen praise on-demand transit in Senate hearing.
LA metro and Via Discuss Rethinking Transit
LA Metro and Via discuss rethinking transit during and after COVID-19.

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Rebuilding Trust in Public Transport

Seven steps to rebuilding trust in UK transport.

Without a concerted, focused effort on reshaping public transport for the post-COVID future, people may continue to stay away from buses, trains, and other shared mobility. Here are seven important considerations, which reign true everywhere, not just in the UK.

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News you can actually use.
Transport Tech Could Tempt Back Covid Fearing Commuters


To fight racism, transit has a key role
Federal Highway Administration Makes 60 Million Available Advanced Transportation

US Federal Highway Administration

FTA announces $60M in grants for advanced transportation technologies

El País

EMT launches an on-demand bus line in Madrid
Vis St Louis Metro Partner For On Demand Service

Smart Cities Dive

Via, St. Louis Metro partner for on-demand service
Our transportation tidbit.

Think you’ve seen the subway? Think again.

We scoured the internet to find that one truly compelling or bizzare piece of transportation news you have to see for yourself. First up this month, check out these awesome photos of the New York subway.

Take a look.

Subway Photos
Let’s keep moving. Together.
Is public transit destined to fail? Not even close! We’re on the cusp of something great, and the cities bold enough to make a change have found their way to greener pastures. So think big: it’s time to reimagine what transit could look like in your city.
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