Miami-Dade County transitions to Transit 2.0, and Mass Transit Magazine has the exclusive interview. Watch the 15 minute chat here.

Global approaches to integrated mobility

Three transit leaders from the US and Europe discuss how they are implementing IMS, or Integrated Mobility Solutions, in their diverse communities.

Around the world, transit is integrating. But what does that mean exactly? For those deploying Integrated Mobility Solutions (IMS), it means all transit modes — whether fixed line, on-demand, paratransit, and/or non-emergency medical — are planned, coordinated, and operated with the goals of the transit authority in mind. As Caroline Rodriguez, General Manager of Utah’s High Valley Transit puts it:

“Our funding opportunities are very very limited, but we still want to provide a very high level of service…. We are trying to do so much more with the limited budget and resources we have and that’s what [IMS] does for an agency such as ours. It allows us to give more service to more people on more modes than we would if I were sitting behind the computer scheduling rides with my pencil and paper.”

The approach allows communities to share resources like vehicles, drivers, dispatchers, and support centers between an array of transit services and is shown to increase ridership, improve the experience for riders, drivers, and dispatchers, and optimize network efficiency. And the best part? It’s completely customizable. An agency in a rural mountain town that sees high tourist volume needs their service to look a bit different from an urban area in California, whereas a multinational transport operator based in France runs on a different set of rules and goals from any US provider. Yet IMS works for all of the above.

In this conversation, moderated by Via’s Eleanor Joseph and co-hosted by Via and UITP, three global transit leaders discuss how their communities are developing newly-integrated networks, share memorable passenger stories, and offer advice for those looking to start integrating mobility in their own community.


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