Transit leaders in Illinois, West Virginia, and New Mexico share their top scheduling tips. Watch now.

Mixed with Fixed: Integrating new on-demand transit with fixed routes

Join expert transit planners from the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) in Salt Lake City and PalmTran in Palm Beach County, FL as they walk you through how they evaluated where to invest in on-demand zones.

Paratransit for the 21st century

Watch a conversation recently hosted by CTAA and Via on the future of same-day paratransit service and commingling.

ModeShift Episode 6: A car-light vision for the U.S.

We built post WWII America around the car. What will it take to rebuild it around people instead?

ModeShift Episode 5: Transit that works for everyone

If you don’t own a car in America, are you really free? We dig into why the lack of quality transit disproportionately penalizes the most vulnerable, and how cities today are building more equitable public mobility.

Senator Amy Klobuchar visits goMARTI autonomous service

“The sun is shining on this town and a lot of that has to do with the fact that you are ahead of your time,” said the Senator in a news conference.

ModeShift Episode 4: A paradigm shift in tech adoption

Transportation has seen more changes in the last 100 months than in the last 100 years. See how technology is contributing to the rapid growth of public transit, from urban city centers to sprawling rural communities.

ModeShift Episode 3: A new era for rural transit.

Why rural transit is much more difficult to reinvent than urban transit.

Launching a successful autonomous public transit network

Learn how Arlington, Texas, integrated autonomous vehicles into the public transit network, plus comprehensive guidelines for launching AV services at scale.

ModeShift Episode 2: The politics of reshaping transit.

Transit, from Capitol Hill to city hall.

ModeShift Episode 1: Transit on the brink

How did we get to a point where our transit system is under so much pressure — at a time when investment is needed most?

How to anticipate and address day-of service disruptions

Watch a few short videos to learn how technology is revolutionizing paratransit across the country.

Planning for innovative urban mobility in Jersey City

Learn about New Jersey's new tech-enabled microtransit program and how this new kind of mobility option facilitates equity and access.

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