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Revolutionizing public transit systems in rural communities.

Learn more about the growing number of communities rethinking what is possible with public transit by using smart and affordable technology, integrating multiple modes of transportation, and improving overall access and efficiency.

Transit leaders show receipts: Microtransit brings riders back, faster.

Representatives from four North American cities speak candidly about why on-demand public transit is drawing passengers back at an accelerated pace.
The Dispatch

America, meet Transit 2.0

Nick Sifuentes, Executive Director of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, tells us what exactly needs to happen in order for public transportation in the US to survive post-pandemic. One critical piece to the puzzle? Getting people out of their cars.

How to use on-demand transit as a tool to advance mobility equity

In this 20-minute webinar, Via’s Director of Government Affairs and Policy, Ya-Ting Liu, delves into the topic of equity within public transportation.
The Dispatch

How transit should help address inequality in America’s cities

We caught up with Gabe Klein, Cofounder of Cityfi, to talk about urban mobility, sustainability, and equity and whether there’s a place for on-demand in the future of cities.

What does ‘building back better’ look like for public transit?

The Transport Innovation 2020 Summit takes a look at the challenges facing public transport operators and authorities across the world as they look to their rebuild networks.
The Dispatch

How to get people to ditch their cars. For real.

Thanks to the Cool ridesharing service, reducing congestion across the island of Malta is no longer a far-flung concept. CEO Laura Jasenaite walks us through how to grow a sustainability-focused service that resonates with riders.
The Dispatch

The city that brought microtransit to rural America

Rodger Lentz, Chief Planning and Development Officer for Wilson, North Carolina, reveals why a small city 40 miles east of Raleigh is investing in the future of transportation.
The Dispatch

What to do when space runs out

Talking traffic in Tel Aviv with bubble Dan’s General Manager, Itai Rogatka. Could this new on-demand, shared option solve a longstanding transportation puzzle?
The Dispatch

The new rules of transit advocacy

In this episode of “The Dispatch,” Transportation for America’s Beth Osborne suggests that a future with more remote work options might mean a future with more on-demand transit.
The Dispatch

Because bus size shouldn’t matter

On the latest episode of our podcast, The Dispatch, we take you to one Canadian city that’s bursting with creative ways to combine TransitTech with existing infrastructure and resources.
The Dispatch

Doctor shares tips and tricks for designing the safest possible public mobility service

Getting people back on the roads safely and confidently is no easy feat. We regularly consult with a top epidemiologist on some of the safety challenges our industry now faces, as well as what we can do to address them.

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