Explore what’s possible with on-demand transit using our new simulation tools. Start building.

DRT Myths vs. Reality: the top misconceptions about demand responsive transport

  •   7 min read
Think it’s too expensive? Not a fan of the app? Here are five myths about demand-responsive transport, and the reasons why they're wrong.

Data proves microtransit won’t cannibalize traditional public transit. Here’s why.

  •   3 min read
Recent data reveals microtransit isn’t poaching passengers from fixed routes, but rather increasing ridership for all modes of shared mass transit.

Buyer’s remorse: When you get microtransit wrong, and how to make it right

  •   4 min read
You invested the time, you spent the money, but there’s no way around it: you chose the wrong partner. Now what?

Building an on-demand transit network: Choose the right components for your city

Learn how different elements of an on-demand transit network can solve specific challenges in your city.

What will bring your riders back? We asked them.

  •   3 min read
Our survey of nearly 600 individuals across four unique cities revealed the reasons they’re staying away from public transit — and what it will take for them to return.

On-demand public transportation simulator

  •   2 min read
Experiment with the size of your fleet, level of demand, number of seats in each vehicle, and more with these interactive tools.

Microtransit and fixed route builder: Imagine what’s possible

  •   3 min read
Use this tool to design and build a blended network of both fixed route bus lines and on-demand public transport, selecting your fleet size, vehicle count, and more.

Dynamic transportation networks, imagined: See what’s possible

  •   2 min read
Use this tool to design and build an on-demand public transport network, selecting your fleet size, passenger demand, vehicle capacity, and more.

Building a better bus: Explore what’s possible with on-demand

  •   3 min read
Use this tool to play around with a simple tech-enabled, on-demand bus line network, selecting your fleet size, vehicle count, and more.

What is TransitTech, and what does it mean for the future of mobility?

  •   3 min read
TransitTech encompasses all forms of tech-enabled solutions to address today’s public transportation challenges. Those in the know? They’re taking notice.

New data suggests on-demand transit is essential for equity

  •   4 min read
Los Angeles, Arlington, and Jersey City prove that thoughtful integration of on-demand public transit can help cities foster equal opportunity for all.

What is microtransit?

  •   6 min read
It’s the next big thing in public transportation, but there are still plenty of questions. We've got answers.

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