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Building better public transit in rural America

  •   5 min read
In the wake of the pandemic, we have an opportunity to finally build reliable and equitable transportation in rural America. It starts by thinking differently about public transit.

“It’s a no-brainer”: A conversation with David Marsh on tech and rural mobility.

  •   4 min read
The Capital Area Rural Transportation System serves 72,000 square miles around Austin, Texas. We sat down with the agency’s General Manager, David Marsh, to talk candidly about how rural providers of all sizes can take advantage of technology.

Report: Cooee Busways sets the gold standard for on-demand transport

  •   2 min read
What does the best of on-demand transport look like? Take a look at Cooee Busways, powered by Via.

Word on the Street: The great transit comeback of 2020

  •   < 1 min read

Microtransit myth: App-based transit means people without smartphones miss out

  •   2 min read
Not so fast. Some of the best microtransit services have web portals, call centers, and even physical kiosks to make booking a ride easy for virtually any passenger.

Microtransit myth: People prefer the predictability of fixed route transit networks

  •   2 min read
Giving passengers more choices and control, while shrinking wait times from upwards of an hour to just a few minutes? Many operators are siding with microtransit.

Microtransit myth: On-demand transit isn’t new — you’ve just stuck an app on it

  •   2 min read
Yes, dial-a-ride has been around for decades, but advancements in technology are replacing the dated service with something passengers actually want to ride.

Microtransit myth: Cities have already tried on-demand transit, and it failed

  •   2 min read
Those looking back at Chariot, Bridj, or Slide may say microtransit is a failed experiment. The facts: Microtransit today is drastically different (and more successful) than it used to be.

Microtransit myth: On-demand public transit is too expensive

  •   3 min read
Think going on-demand will drain your budgets? Think again. See the proof that shows communities can actually save money when switching to microtransit.

Word on the Street: Data, tools, and interviews on the latest in transportation

  •   3 min read

DRT Myths vs. Reality: the top misconceptions about demand responsive transport

  •   7 min read
Think it’s too expensive? Not a fan of the app? Here are five myths about demand-responsive transport, and the reasons why they're wrong.

Data proves microtransit won’t cannibalize traditional public transit. Here’s why.

  •   3 min read
Recent data reveals microtransit isn’t poaching passengers from fixed routes, but rather increasing ridership for all modes of shared mass transit.

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