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Senator Jon Ossoff visits Valdosta On-Demand

Senator Ossoff took a ride using Valdosta's new Via-powered service and praised City leadership for investing in microtransit.

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Valdosta just launched its first new public transit network in nearly two decades — and with news that big, even a Senator had to go check it out.

On May 6, Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-Georgia) took a trip to the City of Valdosta to praise the new on-demand transit service, aptly named Valdosta On-Demand. With rides priced at just $2 and wheelchair-accessible vehicles available, the service offers an affordable and accessible alternative to private vehicle travel. Valdosta residents can call a dispatcher to book their ride, or simply hail one at the touch of a button using the service's smartphone app.

“It’s unique in the fact that we’re not large enough to have that traditional public transit system that people usually think of, but we’re large enough that we need to provide some public transit service,” said City Manager Mark Barber. And Sen. Ossoff had nothing but praise for microtransit.

Image courtesy of the Public Information Office of the City of Valdosta, GA

"I want to begin by commending the City leadership for this truly impressive Valdosta On-Demand initiative. This is imaginative, creative leadership: To provide the people of Valdosta with such a valuable public service. This new transit service — it's flexible and it is already raising the quality of life and the standard of living for folks here in Valdosta by helping folks get around town and live their lives more affordably and more efficiently," Ossoff said. "I look forward to working with the City leadership as we craft this infrastructure legislation to support this project and projects like this one."

Learn more about Valdosta On-Demand here.