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Integrated TransitTech at work to expand transit use in Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County uses Via and Remix to increase access, ease congestion, and grow transit ridership.

Via Transportation •

Miami-Dade at a glance.

  • Geography: Urban, Suburban
  • Fixed-route fleet: 700
  • On-demand fleet: 15 vehicles including 5 WAVs

How the County is using Via and Remix.

  • Use cases: First-and-last mile, Network redesign, Accessibility analysis, Shared mobility management, Street design

Miami-Dade County needed to undertake a system redesign and effectively present innovative ideas to stakeholder departments. At the same time, residents were experiencing d ifficulty connecting to transit hubs, universities, and medical centers, while transit services were seeing a decline in ridership.

With the new, Via-powered GoConnect service, the County provides shared, first-and-last mile rides to and from Metrorail Stations. The on-demand service is fully integrated with the County’s fixed route network. Remix offers the County a holistic platform with transit planning, street design, and mobility management, that has enabled them to gain process efficiencies, save staff time, and ensure accurate design concepts. 

Quantifying the results.

  • 20 on-demand ride requests per hour during peak
  • 6.5 minute average wait time for Go Connect vs 30 minutes with fixed routes
  • +353,000 additional residents with access to a frequent bus route (every <15 min) after Better Bus Project
  • 71% fewer software programs needed during process

What transit leaders are saying.

“This project offers the County yet another much-needed transit solution… a great example of how we are spearheading results-driven change for public transportation in a cost-effective way for our County.” - Carlos Gimenez, County Mayor “Before Remix, it was a non-starter to bring innovative ideas. With this technology, we now have opened doors to a dialogue that otherwise would not have happened.” - Carlos Cruz-Casas, Assistant Director