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Doctor shares tips and tricks for designing the safest possible public mobility service

Getting people back on the roads safely and confidently is no easy feat. We regularly consult with a top epidemiologist on some of the safety challenges our industry now faces, as well as what we can do to address them.

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At Via, we partner with transit agencies and operators around the world to power different types of public mobility services. This means we’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months strategizing around how to make sure our rides are as safe as possible for passengers and drivers alike. 

Dr. Rachel Gordon, Infectious Disease Doctor and Associate Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center, has been helping us understand the latest research as the medical community continues to learn more about the COVID-19 virus. Her insights have been invaluable to our work — not only is she an expert in one of the most important fields in the world right now, but she also practices in New York City, one of the places hit the earliest and most intensely by the pandemic.  

Listen to the podcast now and hear Dr. Gordon’s take on how public transportation should proceed from a medical and safety perspective. Interviewed by Via’s head of global operations, Alex Lavoie, Dr. Gordon shares some surprising insights on ways we can keep the world moving.

Editor’s Note: In the podcast, Dr. Gordon accidentally says Florida records 50k new COVID-19 cases daily. The current daily case count is approximately 15k.

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