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FTA announces $1.48B in newly combined Bus and Bus Facilities and Low or No Emission Grant Programs.

Learn how to apply for Bus and Bus Facilities and Low No grants, combined for the first time under a single Notice of Funding Opportunity.

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On March 4, 2022, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced approximately $1.48B in funding through the Low or No Emission Program and Bus and Bus Facilities Program. For the first time, these grant programs have been combined under a single Notice of Funding Opportunity; applicants should consider how they can access both programs by integrating electrification and emissions reductions into bus projects.

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Approximately $1.1B is available through the Low or No Emission Grant Program, also known as “Low-No”. States, local governments, tribal governments, transit agencies, and other recipients of FTA formula grants may apply for these funds. “Low-No” program funds may be used to lease or purchase low or no emission buses, or to construct or rehabilitate bus facilities to accommodate such buses, including charging infrastructure. Low or no emissions vehicles include zero emission vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel-cells, electric batteries, and overhead catenary wires, as well as other buses which offer emission reductions over standard vehicles. Applicants should consider the extent to which projects reduce energy usage, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Another $372M is available in Bus and Bus Facilities Program funds. These grants provide support to agencies and cities who are looking to purchase new public transit vehicles, replace vehicles, or to build or upgrade transit facilities. Eligible applicants include transit agencies, tribal governments, and state or local governments that operate fixed route bus service. Applicants should consider how their projects will improve access and mobility, particularly for underserved communities, and improve system conditions. Though Bus and Bus Facilities funds are not required to go towards low or no emission projects, they can be used along with Low-No to further fund such projects.

Software to plan and operate electric fleets is also an eligible expense for the Bus and Bus Facilities Program. Remix by Via’s Streets software can be a helpful supporting tool for planning bus-supportive infrastructure, while the Scheduling platform has tools that help transform transit plans into digital bus and driver schedules. Via’s TransitTech also supports electric microtransit services, such as simulations to model EV fleet requirements and on-demand, dynamic routing EVs to charging stations. Applicants can use Bus and Bus Facilities, as well as Low-No, as an opportunity to electrify their transit program by swapping ICE vehicles for EVs. 

If you’re interested in exploring city planning, bus or driver scheduling tools as part of your Bus and Bus Facilities Program or Low or No Emission Grant Program application, please reach out to We’d love to help as you consider applying and can provide insight on the application process. Applications are due May 31st, 2022.  

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