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Word on the Street: Your November transportation update

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We’re using data to debunk the most common microtransit misconceptions.

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This month, we’re using real-world data to set the record straight on five of the most common Microtransit Misconceptions: it’s too expensive, doesn’t work, won’t bring anything new to the table, isn’t what your riders want, or will exclude vulnerable populations — well, we’ve got news for you.

If you think on-demand public transit is too expensive…

Think again. One of the most common fears that keeps transit agencies and cities from even thinking about microtransit is the cost.

Many believe it’s a pricey investment with low potential to bring any concrete returns. We’re here to show you why that assumption is wrong.

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Cities have already tried on-demand transit, and it failed.

Those looking back at Chariot, Bridj, or Slide may say microtransit is a failed experiment. The facts: Microtransit today is drastically different (and more successful) than it used to be.


On-demand transit isn’t new — you’ve just stuck an app on it.

Yes, dial-a-ride has been around for decades, but advancements in technology are replacing the dated service with something passengers actually want to ride.


People prefer the predictability of fixed route transit networks.

Giving passengers more choices and control, while shrinking wait times from upwards of an hour to just a few minutes? Many operators are siding with microtransit.


App-based transit means people without smartphones miss out…or does it?

Microtransit isn’t one-size-fits-all. Depending on the problems you want to solve, we’ll pinpoint the components of a microtransit solution you shouldn’t live without.

You know your community’s transportation challenges. We know how to solve them.

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