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Driver profile: Meet Duncan

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A longtime Denton resident and former bus driver gets a “big kick” out of driving for GoZone and helping community members get around town.

Elspeth Green

Via Resources Editor

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When Duncan Engler started driving for GoZone in March 2022, it was just the latest way the longtime resident has gained a new perspective on his community. As a photojournalist for 20+ years, he trained his camera on local landmarks for The Denton Record-Chronicle and The North Texan, among other publications. As a bus driver, both for the downtown Denton school district and for DCTA, he had an inside look at the transit patterns that define the city.

With GoZone, Duncan has found a new way to stay engaged with the city — on his own terms. After training drivers for the last 4-5 years of his career in fixed-route transit, he wanted something part time. “I like [GoZone] because it’s flexible. I can work as little or as much as I want: ~3 days a week… It fits my lifestyle.”

Driving for GoZone not only fits into Duncan’s schedule, it’s become a social outlet as well. “I’m a people person and always have been,” he says. “I get a big kick out of the riders.” He especially likes playing a key role helping his fellow residents commute and run errands: “It’s nice to know I’m helping people out,”  he says. “I told my wife — these people are getting to school, the doctor, work, the grocery store.”

As a part of a recent celebration marking one million rides GoZone completed, Duncan was honored as a top driver with a certificate of appreciation for outstanding customer service. He’s proud to have been a part of reaching the million-ride milestone, which he believes signifies a much more mobile Denton than before. “We’re moving a lot of people,” he says. “There’s no way they could get to where they’re going on a fixed route.”