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Case Study

Chandler Flex

Chandler, AZ, US



Use Case

Microtransit, First-and-last-mile




rides since July 2022


rides by students


vehicle utilization



Living out its motto “Community of Innovation,” the City of Chandler aimed to digitize and expand its transit network to complement K-12 school transportation and make the entire system more accessible for residents. After securing funding through an “A for Arizona Transportation Modernization Grant” in July 2022, the City partnered with Via to launch a microtransit service called Chandler Flex.



Powered by Via’s proprietary algorithm, the five-vehicle fleet runs on a flexible schedule and vehicles are dynamically routed as riders book trips in the mobile app or through the support line.

Chandler Flex is designed to promote student rides to and from extracurricular activities. The app provides fixed-route options where available, ensuring that the service functions as part of a truly unified transit network. Students ride for free, while seniors and riders using a wheelchair receive 50% off the standard $2 fare.

The service’s popularity grew quickly and maintained its efficiency: within the first five months, Chandler Flex met 91% of ride demand. And it’s exceeding ridership goals — since launch, Chandler Flex has completed 63k rides, providing over 3,000 rides a month, with 49% of monthly rides occurring to and from schools.

Chandler Flex is on track to provide even more residents a convenient option to get to school, work, and more, making daily tasks easy and enjoyable.




I need it to get home when I have practice. My parents work so I don’t always have a way to get home.”

— Chandler Flex rider

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