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National RTAP offers up to $100k to fund rural transit initiatives

This grant opportunity is intended to support transportation partnerships that improve social determinants of health in rural and tribal communities.

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Funding transit programs in rural areas can be a challenge. Most federal and state funding in the United States is directed towards urban transit programs. However, rural transit desperately needs investment — it can provide a lifeline to rural communities seeking to spur economic development and combat social isolation. 

The National Rural Transit Assistance Program (National RTAP), brought to you by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), is dedicated to creating transit solutions for rural communities. National RTAP is offering current recipients of FTA rural formula funds (5311) an opportunity to apply for grant awards of up to $100,000 through the Community Rides Grants program. The Community Rides Grants program supports projects that “develop or strengthen transportation partnerships that improve social determinants of health in rural and tribal communities.” 

National RTAP lists one of the examples for potential projects as “implementing new technology to improve the efficiency of transit operations in order to increase or improve service.” This makes microtransit (or on-demand transit) a great option for the Community Rides Grants program. 

National RTAP also explicitly aims to support projects that “increase access to healthcare, treatment and recovery, employment, shopping, social services, or other health-supportive destinations.” This means Via can work with partners to integrate innovative non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services into existing on-demand transit networks. Via would love to support any community that’s interested in applying for a Community Rides Grant to launch or expand a microtransit program, or add NEMT into your existing transit service.

Our team has experience helping partners write successful grant applications for federal programs and would be happy to lend our expertise. Please reach out to if you’re interested in applying! 

Applications are due on May 10, 2021. See more alerts here and click the button below to receive our newsletter, with new funding alerts included every month.

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