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Mixed with Fixed: Integrating new on-demand transit with fixed routes

Join transit planners to see how they choose the right zones for deploying microtransit to complement — rather than cannibalize — their fixed-route services.

On-demand transportation is now a tried-and-tested way of increasing service coverage, driving ridership, and increasing mobility for seniors and riders with disabilities. But without the right data, it can be extremely difficult for agencies to plan microtransit services that will address these concerns and truly complement, rather than duplicate, existing modes.

Join expert transit planners from the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) in Salt Lake City and PalmTran in Palm Beach County, Fla., as they walk you through how they evaluated where to invest in on-demand zones. Panelists will use interactive maps to show how they decided on service areas, which data sets they reviewed, what tradeoffs were made, and how they ultimately decided on where on-demand transit provided the most bang for their buck.

Hear from:

  • Eric Callison, Manager of Service Planning, Utah Transit Authority
  • Nina Verzosa, Strategic Planning Manager, PalmTran
  • Kyle Boehm and Amanjeet Anne, Partner Success Team, Remix by Via

The conversation also featured live Q&A throughout, but if you have any lingering questions please feel free to reach out to the team.