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How to integrate AVs with public transit

Hear from Eddie Fishman, Mobility Strategy Principal, as he discusses how cities like Arlington and tech companies like Motional are working with Via to seamlessly integrate AVs with public transit.

There’s been much discussion around the effects of COVID-19 on budgets, ridership, and public perception of transit. But what about how the pandemic has affected the prospect of integrating AV with transit? How can cities and agencies realistically approach integrating autonomous vehicles (AVs) into their services, even in a world still reeling from a global health crisis? And should they even try?

At the Third Conference on Autonomous Vehicles and Public Transport, presented by AV America with support from Global Mass Transit, Via’s Eddie Fishman talks all things autonomous vehicles (AVs) and transit: Why it’s critical to the future of transportation, how to do it right, and where it’s already being done. Watch now.

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