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A view on TransitTech: Remix and Via on changing needs in transportation

Join Remix CEO, Tiffany Chu and Via’s Global Head of Operations, Alex Lavoie as they discuss plans to establish a complete TransitTech platform — addressing the changing needs of planning, design, and delivery with state of the art technology.

We’re growing — and so is TransitTech. In March 2021, Via acquired Remix to create the first end-to-end TransitTech platform for cities and transit agencies.

Remix is the premier platform for transportation planning and decision-making, offering collaborative technology for planning public transit, managing shared mobility, and designing safer street networks. Via has pioneered the TransitTech category: Providing the digital infrastructure that powers fixed route, on-demand, and multimodal transit solutions in public mobility systems around the world.

In this webinar, Remix CEO, Tiffany Chu and Via’s Global Head of Operations, Alex Lavoie discuss how Remix and Via will help transportation planning, innovation, and operations teams use technology to build more flexible, resilient, and responsive networks. Tiffany and Alex also talk industry trends, explore lessons learned during COVID-19, and answer audience questions.

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