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Rider Profile: Meet the Paratransit Riders of Green Bay, Wis.

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TransitTech gives all Green Bay-area residents a convenient, accessible way to get around town.

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We spoke to some riders of our US-based services to get a sense of what on-demand transportation means to them. From small-town North Carolina to big-city Texas, our Rider Profiles present microtransit in the eyes of those who depend on it most. Click here to explore more.

Green Bay, Wisconsin, has gained fame as the home of a perennially successful NFL team, but the municipality might soon become known for something else: It’s the first city in Wisconsin to offer a microtransit service.

In August 2020, Green Bay Metro (GBM) partnered with Via to launch GBM On-Demand, a service that gives locals access to shared rides. GBM On-Demand builds on the success of Green Bay Metro’s revamped paratransit service, which launched in April 2020 and serves those with disabilities who are unable to use the agency’s fixed route buses. Via’s advanced algorithms connect multiple riders traveling in the same direction, while its real-time routing technology gets them to key transit hubs, as well as designated commercial and medical facilities, all for the price of a bus ticket.

“I love that I get an ETA [from the app], which has been spot on.”

Although booking a ride through a mobile app was a new experience for many, riders picked up the technology quickly. They especially appreciated the real-time data. “[This app] will give me the tools to know where my ride is,” one rider commented. Another added, “I love that I get an ETA, which has been spot on.”

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles give all Green Bay-area residents access to the places they need to go, and the GBM Paratransit app helps both riders and caregivers easily book rides. “I’m excited to use this app. It has many great features to make our lives easier,” one caregiver noted. “I saw where the driver was on the route, and I liked the ‘ding’ of the app to tell me my client was home.”

One rider even suggested riders could serve as advocates for the service, introducing the app in informational sessions at local hubs like the CP Center, a not-for-profit that provides services for Wisconsinites who have physical, development, communication, and sensory conditions. 

Users said the app even makes not riding GBM Paratransit more convenient. When one rider realized they didn’t need to go to work that day, “it was so easy to go into the app and just cancel.” Another rider commented that not having to contact the call center to cancel rides anymore “frees up time and [removes] frustrations [for] both sides … I’m loving this app.”

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